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LPPIRG01 – Pyrgeometer for Far Infrared Radiation

  • In accordance with ISO 9060.
  • It measures the Far Infrared Radiation (FIR).
  • Output in μV per W/m2.
  • Supplied with shade disk, cartridge with silica-gel crystals, 2 spare sachets, levelling device and Calibration Report.
  • On request CPM12AA8PG… cables
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The pyrgeometer LPPIRG01 is used to measure the far infrared radiation (FIR).

Its use is mainly in the meteorological field. Measures are referred to radiations with wavelength greater than 4.5 μm . The far infrared radiation derives from the measure of the thermopile output signal and from the knowledge of the instrument temperature. The temperature measure is performed by a 10kΩ NTC which is inside the body of the pyrgeometer.

The pyrgeometer can be used also for the study of energy balance. In this case, besides another pyrgeometer which measures infrared radiation upwards, it is necessary to have an albedometer (LPPYRA05, LPPYRA06 or LPPYRA11) to measure short wavelengths radiation (<3μm) .

The pyrgeometer is available in the following versions:

  • LPPIRG01: Passive
  • LPPIRG01S: With RS485 Modbus-RTU output

Delta ohm

Product Name

LPPIRG01– Pyrgeometer for Far Infrared Radiation




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LPPIRG01 – Pyrgeometer for Far Infrared Radiation



LPPIRG01 – Pyrgeometer for Far Infrared Radiation