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HD9408.3B-Precision Barometric transmitter

Make: Delta Ohm                                        Model: HD9408.3B
✅ HD9408.3B is a barometric transmitter that uses a piezoresistive high accuracy and temperature-compensated sensor.
✅ Measurand : Barometric Pressure and Housing Temperature .
✅ Sensor Type : Piezoelectric .
✅ Signal Output : Analog (0…5 / 1…5 V) and Digital Output (RS232, RS422 or RS485 or SDI-12 ) , MODBUS-RTU and NMEA 0183.
✅ Supplied With : Cable with 8-pole & 4-pole M12 connector on one end, open wires on the other side, RS48 and RS52.

HD9408.3B-Precision Barometric transmitter:

The barometer transmitter HD9408.3B makes use of a temperature-compensated, high-accuracy piezoresistive sensor. With its exceptional precision, temporal stability, great repeatability, minimal hysteresis, and outstanding temperature behavior, it enables monitoring atmospheric pressure in the range of 0…1350 hPa for digital outputs or 500…1200 hPa for analog outputs. The use of a piezoresistive silicon sensor that incorporates a pressure-sensitive and a temperature-sensitive element led to improved performances.

A microprocessor processes the pressure and temperature measurements to provide an output signal that is corrected over the transmitter’s whole, broad temperature working range: -40…+85 °C. The sensor is calibrated in the factory at several locations and temperatures that fall within its operating range. The transmitter is available in three versions which differ in the output type:


HD9408.3B.1: configurable 0…5 V or 1…5 V analogue voltage output and digital RS232, RS422 or RS485 output. Standard MODBUS-RTU and NMEA 0183 protocols.


HD9408.3B.2: active configurable 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA current output and digital RS232, RS422 or RS485 output. Standard MODBUS-RTU and NMEA 0183 protocols.


HD9408.3B.3: digital SDI-12 output, compatible with version 1.3 of the protocol.

The pressure and temperature readings are processed by a microprocessor to provide an output signal that is adjusted over the transmitter’s entire, wide temperature operating range: -40…+85 °C. In the manufacturer, the sensor is calibrated at a number of places and temperatures that are within its functioning range.

The device is best suited for meteorological applications (AWOS, Automated Weather Observing Systems), environmental monitoring systems, meteorological and environmental data logging, measurement laboratories, atmospheric pressure compensation in internal combustion engine performance, barometric pressure compensation in clean rooms, and vehicle emission tests. Since it uses so little power, it is perfect for remote acquisition systems like solar-powered automatic weather stations. 10–30 Vdc DC power supply.

Application and features of HD9408.3B-Precision Barometric transmitter:



✅ Weather stations (AWOS — Automated Weather Observing Systems)
✅ Environmental monitoring
✅ Measurement labs
✅ Vehide emission test locations
✅ Clean room monitoring
✅ Determination of combustion engines performance
✅ Accuracy, stability, repeatability
✅ High flexibility
✅ Data provided according to the needs
✅ High performance in all environments
✅ Low power consumption

Delta ohm




120 x 77 x 33 mm


HD9408.3B.1 – RS485, RS422, RS232, analog voltage output 0…5 / 1…5 V
HD9408.3B.2 – RS485, RS422, RS232, analog active current 0…20 / 4…20 mA
HD9408.3B.3 – SDI-12

Power Supply

HD9408.3B.1 and HD9408.3B.2: 10…30 Vdc, HD9408.3B.3: 8…30 Vdc


0.01 hPa


± 0.1 hPa (500…1200 hPa) / ± 0.2 hPa (remaining range) @ 23 °C
± 0.3 hPa (500…1200 hPa) / ± 0.4 hPa (remaining range) in the entire temperature operating range -40…+85 °C

Operating Environment

-40…+85 °C / 0…100% RH, Storage temperature: -40…+85 °C

Measuring Range

HD9408.3B.1 and HD9408.3B.2: digital outputs: 0…1350 hPa, analog outputs: 500…1200 hPa
HD9408.3B.3: 100…1350 hP



Protection Level



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