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HD32MT.1 – Programmable Data Logger

Make: Delta Ohm                                        Model: HD32MT.1
✅ Completely programmable and intuitive programming by using graphic interfaces, without the need of learning any programming language
✅ Flash internal memory arranged in circular mode
✅ Data can also be saved in a removable SD-type memory card with a capacity of 8 GB
✅ Connections : RS485, Optical fiber,Radio Modems, Internet IP modem, Ethernet, GSM/UMTS.

HD32MT.1 – Programmable Data Logger:

A programmable datalogger can take and store data from a set of sensors attached to its inputs. 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 2 pulse inputs, potential free contacts, software-programmable alerting RS485, RS232.

The HD32MT.1 is a data logger that can capture and log the values detected by sensors attached to its inputs. Because the data logger is totally programmable by the user, it is extremely adaptable.

The values recorded by the instrument can be transferred to a PC by using the HD32MTLogger software. The data logger can be configured to memorize the instant value, the minimum value, the maximum value, the average value and the standard deviation of the measurements. For measurements that require the counting of pulses, the total counted pulses can be stored.
Different recording intervals can be programmed for the various inputs, by defining up to 8 storing tables. Each recording includes acquisition date and time
The data logger has a “flash” internal memory arranged in circular mode: when the memory is full the new data overwrite the older ones. The number of storable measurements depends on the number of sensors employed, on the type of measurement to be stored and on the fact that the sensors are acquired all at the same time or at different instants. For example, with 11 sensors captured at the same time, 80,000 records can be stored, each one composed of 11 instantaneous measurements.
Data can also be saved in a removable SD-type memory card with a capacity of 8 GB. The use of a memory card allows extending the memory capacity of the instrument, allowing not losing the data when the internal memory is full. The acquired data are transferred to the memory card every 15 minutes.

The provided HD32MTLogger application software enables simple and straight forward programming using graphic interfaces without the need to learn any programming language, reducing the time required to get the system up and running.

Application and features of HD32MT.1 – Programmable Data Logger:



✅ Environmental monitoring
✅ Industrial health and safety
✅ Energy efficiency management
✅ Farming
✅ Urban planning
✅ Meteorological research
✅ 2 inputs for counting pulses or measuring signal frequency (up to 50 kHz).
✅ TTL logic levels, with a minimum pulse width of 10 seconds
✅ 2 alarm outputs with isolated voltage-free contacts
✅ 1 auxiliary output (+5 volts), maximum current 500 mA
✅ During the measurement acquisition, one switched output Vsw was active.
✅ Power supply: 1230 Vdc. At 12 volts, the power consumption is 40 mA.
✅ The acquisition interval can range from 2 seconds to 24 hours.
✅ Memory size: 4 MB, and an SD card (up to 8 GB) reader
✅ Operating temperature and humidity: -40–60 °C, 0–95% RH, no condensing.

Delta ohm



Sizes / Weight

222x140x63 mm / About 1 kg

Case material

Coated aluminum

Operating conditions

-20 … 50 °C, 0 … 85% RH no condensation

Storage temperature / Power Supply

-25 … 65 °C / 12 … 30 Vdc


40 mA @ 12 Vdc

Data acquisition interval / Data logging interval

Programmable from 1 to 60 seconds / Programmable from 2 seconds to 24 hours

Storage capacity

4 MB internal memory, SD memory card reader up to 4 GB

Number of samples that can be stored

The storage of a record consisting of N values requires (4 x N) bytes of memory plus 8 bytes for the date and time.

Analog inputs

16 channels, each channel used as an single-wire (single-ended) input or alternatively two adjacent channels used as a differential input.
Measurement ranges: ±25 mV, ±100 mV, ±1000 mV, ±2500 mV
Resolution: 16 bit, Accuracy: 0.01% f.s.
Input impedance: 100 Mohm

Digital input/output ports (I/O)

8 ports, each configurable as an input for connecting a sensor or alarm output or sensor enabling. TTL logic levels (0⇒Vin<0.8 V, 1⇒Vin>3 V) Max. input voltage: 5.5 V

Inputs for high frequency pulse counting

2 inputs Frequency of pulses 100 kHz max, TTL logic levels (0⇒Vin<0.8 V, 1⇒Vin>3 V) Minimum pulse duration 10 μs

Inputs for number of potential-free contact opening/closing counting

2 insulated inputs,Switch frequency 50 Hz max, Minimum opening or closing time 10 ms

RS485 connection

RS485 port (up to 8 sensors can be connected) for Anemometers, series HD2003 and HD52.3D and sensors with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

RS232 connection

2 RS232 ports, one for connection to PC or to optional Radio, Modem or to optional Ethernet module and one for connection to optional GSM module, Sub-D 9-pole male connectors

Alarm outputs

2 insulated voltage-free contact outputs, Contact: max. 1 A @ 30 Vdc resistive load ,You can configure the single digital I/O ports as alarm outputs

Auxiliary supply outputs

+5V regulated, max. 500 mA,
+Vsw (switched): with same value of the power input, it is active, only during acquisition of measurements


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