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Barometric Pressure Sensor AB 100

Make:  Ammonit     Model: AB 100
✅ Piezoelectric barometric pressure sensor
✅ Low power consumption
✅ Operating pressure: 600 … 1100 hPa (mbar)

Measurement principle and mounting

The piezoelectric pressure sensor’s signal is electronically amplifi ed to provide an output signal of 0…5 VDC. The sensor is mounted in a stainless steel housing, protection class IP64 when the connector is plugged in.
If required, the sensor is ready for connection in an Ammonit steel cabinet.
When mounted outside the central steel cabinet we recommend protective housing with pressure compensation.
In measurement operation the sensor needs an extern supply of at least 9 VDC.




AB 100

General Specification


Weight (Mass)

80 g


Length 72 mm, diameter 22 mm


Output Voltage: 0 … 5 VDC

Power Supply

9 … 32 V

Power Consumption

5 mA

Operating Environment

Operating pressure: 600…1100 hPa (mbar) (Altitude: ≤ 3700 m)
Temperature operation range: -40 … +85 °C
Humidity range: 0 … 98 %RH
Atmosphere: non-ionic, non-corrosive
Slope: 100 hPa/V
Offset: 600 hPa


Total accuracy (-10 … 60 °C): ±1 % FSO* (±5 hPa; FSO is 500 hPa) * FSO (Full Scale Output) describes the difference of the upper and the lower limit of the pressure range


Stainless steel

Protection Level

IP 64 – when connector is plugged in