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Barometric Pressure Sensor AB 100

Make: Ammonit                                     Model: AB 100
✅ It is Piezoelectric barometric sensor, electronically amplified to provide an output signal of 0…5 VDC.
✅ Measurand: Barometric pressure
✅ Sensor Type: Piezoelectric
✅ Signal output: Analog (0…5 VDC)
✅ Supplied With: Connector

Barometric Pressure Sensor AB 100:

A barometric pressure sensor, also known as a barometer, is a device used to measure the air pressure within a certain environment. The AB 100 is a specific model of barometric pressure sensor manufactured by the company Ammonit. The AB 100 can measure pressures with an accuracy of ±1 % FSO* (±5 hPa; FSO is 500 hPa). The sensor can also measure gauge pressure, which is the pressure relative to the local atmospheric pressure.

The AB 100 is designed for use in a variety of applications, including weather forecasting, industrial process control, and HVAC systems. It can be used to monitor changes in pressure caused by weather systems, such as high and low pressure areas, and can also be used to detect leaks in sealed environments.

The sensor is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and ceramic, which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. It also has a rugged design that allows it to withstand harsh environments and temperature changes. The AB 100 can operate within a temperature range of -40 to 85°C and it is also protected against water and dust.

The AB 100 features a variety of output options, including analog voltage, current, and frequency, which makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of instruments and systems. It also has a simple, user-friendly interface and can be calibrated with ease.

Overall, the Ammonit AB 100 is a reliable and versatile barometric pressure sensor that can be used in a wide range of applications. Its high accuracy, durability, and various output options make it a great choice for both industrial and weather-related applications.

Measurement principle and mounting

An output signal of 0…5 VDC is produced by electrical amplification of the signal from the piezoelectric pressure sensor. When the connector is plugged in, the sensor is installed in a stainless steel enclosure with a protection level of IP64. It is simple to install the sensor within the cabinet. The sensor requires an external source of at least 9 VDC for measurement function.

Application and features of Barometric Pressure Sensor AB 100:



✅ Automotive
✅ Medical field
✅ Industrial field
✅ Weather stations
✅ Low power consumption
✅ Electronically amplified
✅ Stainless steel housing
✅ Accuracy



AB 100

Weight (Mass)

80 g


Length 72 mm, diameter 22 mm


Output Voltage: 0 … 5 VDC

Power Supply

9 … 32 V

Power Consumption

5 mA

Operating Environment

Operating pressure: 600…1100 hPa (mbar) (Altitude: ≤ 3700 m)
Temperature operation range: -40 … +85 °C
Humidity range: 0 … 98 %RH
Atmosphere: non-ionic, non-corrosive
Slope: 100 hPa/V
Offset: 600 hPa


Total accuracy (-10 … 60 °C): ±1 % FSO* (±5 hPa; FSO is 500 hPa)


Stainless steel

Protection Level

IP 64 – when connector is plugged in

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