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Ambient Temperature Sensor with Platinum Resistance

Make:  IMT Solar      Model: Ta-Pt100 / Ta-Pt1000
✅ The sensor is designed for the measurement of air temperature.
✅ warranty is for 1 year from the date of the invoice for the intended use.
✅ M&T does not accept any liability for possible losses or damage due to the incorrect usage of the sensor
✅ Liability for consequential damages is excluded.
✅ Used in industrial and field (PV module temperature) environments

Our ambient temperature sensors come equipped with a stable Aluminium housing and a robust weatherproof cable. Thanks to the use of top quality components the sensors achieve very high accuracy and are ideal for use in industrial and field (PV module temperature) environments. If required, the sensors can be ordered with an inspectioncertificate 3.1 as per DIN EN 10204.

Installation Instructions

If mounted outdoors, avoid direct exposure to sun light and rain (if necessary, provide protection from the sun and rain). The through holes used to fix the sensor to a stable and suitable surface shall be accessible when the housing is opened. The tightening torque of the case cover is 180 Ncm.


IMT Solar


Ta-Pt100 / Ta-Pt1000


appr. 260 g


Case Dimension: 64 mm x 58 mm x 34 mm


Sensor Housing: Stainless Steel Jacket, Diameter 6 mm, Length 23 mm
Case Material: Powder Coated Aluminium

Operating Environment

-40 to +80 °C

Protection Level

IP 67