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In the construction industry, for the high risk and heavy lifting needs to monitor the weather condition. Weather monitoring is an important part while making decisions for the lift in present environmental conditions. A bad weather condition may occur many risks and cause loss root, control of the load, and accident factors as workers entering in those areas.  We, Meteoxperts Solutions Pvt Ltd provide the weather station for monitoring the weather condition and output the real-time data to make the decision of safe work by crane.

Components of Weather Station for the Crane safety Monitoring:

Anemometer– Measures wind direction and speed.

Thermometer – Measures atmospheric temperature.

Pyranometer – Measures solar radiation levels from the sun in watts per square meter (used to calculate ‘Evapotranspiration’, the rate at which water evaporates from the soil).

Soil Moisture Sensor – Measures water levels in the soil

Soil Temperature Sensor – Monitors the soil temperature to detect freezing or high temperatures that can put crops at risk. It is also used to calculate the rate of Evapotranspiration.

Hygrometer – Measures relative humidity using a percentage measure of water vapor in the air.

Barometer – Measures atmospheric pressure to predict precipitation

Rain Gauge – Measures liquid precipitation using an open container. They usually empty automatically and measure the amount of rainfall over a given time interval.